Dowsing in Poland

Dowsing Tradi­tions in Poland

Dowsing has got many years of tradi­tion in Poland. The first mentions about it were about Jan Grelich, a blind dowser from Poznan. He has found thie­ves with the help of his dowsing rod in 1454. Some Polish kings promo­ted dowsing. Dowser A.Giedro-Podebranski was employed by king Stani­slaw August Ponia­tow­ski /1764–1795/ to find the depo­sits of mine­rals. His dowsing work was success­ful and very famous in this time. The prac­tice of dowsing was mentio­ned later, too.

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Spirits of Białowieża

The Biało­wieża Forest is a forest and biosphe­ri­cal sanc­tury, unique in the world scale. In 1979, as the only Polish object of nature, it was intro­du­ced onto the list of The World Heri­tage of Huma­nity. The unusu­al­ness of this is not restric­ted only to natu­ral values. The spiri­tual aspect seems to be equally impor­tant. Myste­rious pheno­mena and disco­ve­ries which took place in Biało­wieza in recent years seem to confirm the unusual charac­ter of this area.

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Dowsers’ Meeting in Cyprus

From 17 to 22 of Septem­ber 1997 an inter­na­tio­nal semi­nar in nice town Larnaca / Cyprus / took place. Dowsers, scien­ci­sts and jour­na­li­sts from ten coun­tries took part in it. The main topic of the semi­nar were the geopa­thic zones and other problems of contem­po­rary dowsing. Chair­man of the semi­nar was Dr. Alexan­der Dubrov from Russia. The semi­nar was dedi­ca­ted to the memory of the famous Ameri­can dowser Chris Bird. During the semi­nar newest rese­arch on geopa­thic zones and their nega­tive influ­ence on human health were discussed.

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Healing Power of the Water-Colors

Elisa­beth Poll-Sokolowski is a Polish pain­ter living in Haan near Düssel­dorf in Germany. She is not only the artist but a psychic and healer. She can see the pheno­mena in the astral world. Her art is for the spirit, not the eyes. Elisa­beth is able to diagnose and heal for distance with a good skill.

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ADR Stimulators

Ancient buil­ders, e.g. cyster-church-builders could not only protect human envi­ron­ment from nega­tive radia­tions, but also ener­gise people. The idea of buil­ding this kind of device adju­sted to the modern requ­ire­ments led an engi­neer, Adrian S. Wosin­ski. He inven­ted series of devi­ces, which he called ADR’s.

ADR stimu­la­tors are used to regu­late human energy and neutra­li­sa­tion of bad envi­ron­men­tal influ­en­ces. A basic part of all devi­ces of the ADR series is a three-dimensional confi­gu­ra­tion known under the name of Modu­lar Energy Conver­sion Element. This confi­gu­ra­tion was inven­ted by the engi­neer S.A. Wosin­ski and regi­ste­red with the Polish Patent office, entry number P 302–326.

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