GEOMANCY: Systems of Feng Shui and Positive Energies

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

Ancient Chinese created feng shui and Euro­pe­ans — their own system of geomancy. This book presents the history of geomancy and it’s equiva­lents in the world and in Europe. In it you’ll find prac­ti­cal tips, how to find and inve­sti­gate power places, how to use their influ­en­ces to ener­gise your­self and stimu­late your mental strenth. This book unco­vers the secrets of various kinds of subtle ener­gies of nature, healing powers of trees and stones, radia­tion of forms and symbols. The reader will know the ways of ener­gi­zing water, using posi­tive influ­en­ces in archi­tec­ture and also impro­ving climate of posi­tive radia­tion in their own house.

Infor­ma­tion about author of the book:

Mr. Leszek Matela is consi­de­red a pioneer, one of the main popu­la­ri­zers of geomancy in Poland. He is known for his artic­les, TV programme appe­aran­ces and books about dowsing, geomancy and parap­sy­cho­logy. Since many years he leads semi­nars concer­ning geomancy, dowsing, parap­sy­cho­logy and suggestopedy(superlearning). He took part in many confe­ren­ces concer­ning these topics, inclu­ding the semi­nars in: Germany, Swit­zer­land, Austria, Great Britain and Brazil.

Leszek Matela is also the author of the follo­wing titles (among others):

- Encyc­lo­pa­edia of Psycho­tro­nics,
– Geomancy,
– Myste­rious Circle of PSI Pheno­mena (with Otylia Sakow­ska)
– Runes and Their Uses,
– 3D Medi­ta­tions, (with Patrick Matela)
– ABC of a Pendu­lum,
– ABC of a Dowsing Rod,
– ABC of Biome­ters,
– ABC of Neutra­li­sa­tion of Nexus Ener­gies,
– Secrets of the Atlan­tic Know­ledge,
– ABC of Chro­mo­the­rapy,
– ABC of Feng Shui,
– Secrets of the Atlan­tis Ring,
– Polish Feng Shui,
– Pyra­mids and their use,
– Chacras and Health,
– The Influ­ence of the Forms and Signs (with Otylia Sakow­ska)
– Myste­ries of the Slavs
– Secrets of the Celts

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